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Welcome to this course on Making Use of Light, aimed at describing the crucial role of light in photography, and at showing you how to make the best use of it.
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Good lighting is fundamental to creating great images. This book provides a roadmap for producing creative images with a flashgun. It introduces lighting principles, and advises on more complex lighting sets and situations. Practical instruction and advice throughout apply the principles, and explain how photographs are taken and stunning results achieved. Included is a guide to the main characteristics of light: intensity, direction, quality, and color. Also covered are the techniques used to create professional effects, such as film noir and Hollywood lighting, high-speed synching, and handling reflective surfaces. Examples use practical situations, such as portraiture and product photography, to help illustrate these techniques.
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One of the most over-used, yet misunderstood pieces of photographic equipment is the flash unit in its many forms. While a flash unit – either built in to the camera or a separate device – offers the advantage of adding light to your images, its biggest disadvantage is the complex nature of the flash, which prevents many from using it to its full potential. Seeking an understanding of the nomenclature, the buttons and dials on the flash itself, and the menus inside is akin to trying to learn a foreign language. What is FEC? What does TTL mean and how is it used effectively? What is high-speed synchronisation? How can the less technically gifted photographer understand the complexities of such systems and put them to effective use in the field? Studying a manual full of technical jargon is a daunting task and just as confusing as the flash itself. Professional photographer Robert Harrington takes the confusion out of the subject of photographic lighting, and offers invaluable guidance
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Техника студийного освещения для фотографии. Маленькие хитрости для профессиональных фотографов. Кристофер Грэй, в своей книге затрагивает основы студийного освещения при фотосъемке. Вы узнаете, как настроить фотоаппарат, сделать замеры освещенности, установить и настроить осветительное оборудование для получения необходимого эффекта. Taking the guesswork out of lighting, this invaluable examination provides tools and techniques from an accomplished expert. The most essential principles for photo shoots are presented through lengthy image sequences, considering different finishes for reflective surfaces, types of light sources, light modifiers, and even light placements. From creating fundamental looks to the effect of fine-tuning placement and setting, this detailed guidebook enables photographers to maximize productivity on any shoot. Concluding with the most effective solutions for solving lighting problems, this study is an excellent resource for both active professionals as well
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Illustrating various lighting techniques employed by professional photographers, this unique guidebook demonstrates how to create more visually complex effects. Each chapter explains the concept of a different lighting method, sets up the shot step–by–step, and reveals the easily obtained, yet sophisticated, results. Common problems and solutions are also provided and variations suggested. Appealing to professionals as well as intermediate and advanced students of photography, this eye-catching manual offers a technical approach to lighting that will produce amazing pictures.
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Это руководство показывает, какие возможно принять лучшие решения относительно технических и артистических аспектов освещения. И как использовать эти знания, чтобы создать прекрасные фотографии. Encouraging photographers to take a subject-oriented approach to lighting, this manual shows it is possible to make better decisions about both the technical and artistic aspects of lighting. It teaches how to identify qualities the subject possesses that the light will react with and how to use this knowledge to create perfect photographs. Through a variety of amply illustrated shoots, the book explains how to approach each image from the perspective of controlling the subject’s appearance to match the photographer’s vision for the picture. This comprehensive guide covers such topics as the benefits and drawbacks of various lighting tools, the effect of light placement, and controlling lighting ratios. Designed for intermediate-to-advanced photographers, it illustrates techniques for using
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The majority of computer graphics books are either too general or too application-specific. The field of 3-D computer graphics possesses tremendous depth, and any aspect of it is worthy of a focused career. In large studios, artists concentrate on just one phase of production, be it modeling, texturing, animation, or rendering. If you're interested in learning about the field from this perspective, read 3-D Lighting: History, Concepts & Techniques. It's a pleasure to peruse, because it shares the large-studio focus. The book does feature examples, project files, and some instructions for specific applications, but mostly it's about concept and theory in computer imaging. For the most part, it avoids application-specific discussion. This is a good thing-any experienced artist uses more than one application, and can easily port this information from one app to another. There are eight chapters in all, starting with "The Nature of Light" (how light works) and "The Physiology of Seeing
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Digital Photography in Available Light is an inspirational guide as well as a structured learning tool for mastering the essential techniques. Learn how to choose the most appropriate digital camera for your workflow, manage your image files and process images using camera RAW. Try key capture techniques including exposure, framing the image and how to work with the available light in all situations. Explore different styles: panoramas, landscapes, environmental portraits and photo journalism. Understand ethics and law, how to plan a shoot and sell your work. Throughout you'll learn the importance of image design, communication of content and essential techniques for competent and consistent image capture and creation. Includes a full glossary of terms.
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In almost all photography it’s the quality of light that makes or breaks the shot. For professional photographers, chasing the light, waiting for it, sometimes helping it, and finally capturing it is a constant preoccupation ? and for some an obsession. Drawing on four decades of doing just this, Michael Freeman takes a simple but practical approach to reacting to, and capturing photography’s most important commodity. There are just three sections titled Waiting, Chasing, and Helping: Waiting explains the kinds of lighting that photographers can anticipate and plan for, while Chasing explores the transient, serendipitous light that photographers have to work quickly to exploit. Helping, the final and most technical section, focuses on the skills and techniques for enhancing, reducing, or otherwise controlling light, covering everything from in-the-field shooting choices to technical transformations to post-production.
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Improve your lighting technique to produce better quality photographs. Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies features the tools, concepts, and steps you need to give your subjects a high-quality look and feel. Everyone from advanced beginners to aspiring professional photographers will improve their understanding of lighting basics as well as the parts and functions of their camera.
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From magazine ads to web applications, this instructive handbook details the ever-expanding area of product photography and discusses the unique skills required to be successful. Beginning with the basics for creating professional-looking shots, the qualities of light and the rendering of color and texture are covered while the tools to be used for controlling those qualities is explained through a step-by-step lighting setup. The latter half of this guide compiles images created on actual assignments, depicting a variety of products photographed in a range of settings. Each image is accompanied by a discussion of the client’s intent and the realization of those objectives. Offering procedural images, diagrams, and set-up shots to illustrate the addition and modification of light sources, problems can be identified and corrected on-set making this an invaluable tool for amateur and professional photographers alike.
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Руководство по освещению и модификаторах освещения - сетках, отражателях, фильтрах, экранах, зонтиках, софтбоксах и т.д. Focusing exclusively on light modifiers and making the most of the least equipment, this in-depth handbook is ideal for use by the beginner and advanced amateurs who wish to take their photography to the next level. Including diagrams and lighting set scenes to facilitate learning and adapting technique, step-by-step critiques of several portrait sessions, and an extensive review of a variety of light modifying tools—from barn doors and snoots to gels, umbrellas, and strip boxes—this invaluable textbook style book reveals the precise steps for obtaining dimension and depth for indoor and outdoor portrait sessions. This resource is a must-have for beginner photographers looking to discover a treasure trove of fresh, creative lighting inspiration, that will surely help add diversity and creative style to your photography
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Arguing that photography should be about more than gear, shooting modes, and computer programs, this book highlights methods for creating artistic photographs in the moment a picture is taken, rather than later in the editing process. In stark contrast to the “fix everything in post production” approach dominating modern digital photography, this reference demonstrates a more purposeful approach to shooting each frame—carefully considering the subject’s focus and determining the best camera settings, lighting, lens choice, and composition to achieve that objective. Beginning with basic controls that can have a profound effect on your images, such as shutter speed and aperture, it goes on to explore how these settings, along with white balance adjustment, can be used to draw out the artistic value inherent in a scene or subject. In addition, a section on selectively and intentionally adding blur effects explains how to create wild effects that cannot be achieved otherwise. Rather than
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В книге раскрываются секреты применения внекамерных вспышек для организации мультиточечного освещения. Professionals and advanced-level amateurs seeking to push the envelope and enhance the creativity of their shots are shown how to add mood and manipulate color in their images with this guide. Using a technique known as off-camera flash, digital photographers discover how to alter a viewer’s perception through the use of shadows to mask certain details or to draw attention to a specific feature with a simple beam of light. From a survey of the gear required to create these effects and a detailed description of how the basic techniques are executed to more challenging instruction such as close-up techniques, on-location portraiture, black-and-white photography, and capturing motion, this handbook offers digital photographers step-by-step directions for picking up the tips and tricks to set their work apart
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Особенности цифровой фотосъемки с одной вспышкой. Filled with tips for producing paramount effects using a single flash, this guide shows amateur and professional photographers how to lighten their gear load and free up their budget. With an in-depth look at equipment and special features, this manual covers essential topics such as shooting in RAW format, manual versus automatic, selecting the right ISO setting, the effect of aperture, using the flash’s zoom feature, changing the angle of the flash, and wireless triggering. Also including creativity-enhancing exercises and approaches, this guide gives examples of creative lighting applications for still life, editorial images, wedding shots, and landscape photos.
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Emphasizing the usefulness of ambient lighting, this guidebook gives unlimited access to the methods used by professionals. Starting with a discussion of the advantages and challenges of working with natural light, the text then explores the positive impact it can have on a photographer’s creativity and how to deal with the compromises that using available light sometimes require. Examples from this preliminary section emphasize learning through experimentation. Next, the book explores camera settings including white balance, contrast, and saturation. The authors demonstrate that thoughtful adjustment to these settings can yield images that more closely reflect the mood of the scene and minimize postproduction editing. Several chapters deal with modifying available light through the delicate use of reflectors to bounce light, polarizers to cut glare, and the proper procedure for adding neutral density filters to control brightness. With the techniques presented, photographers will
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Below the Horizon was written by a photographer whose commercial work includes some of the finest resort properties in the world. Dave Delnea’s ability to see and capture the mood present in light at the edges of day has garnered him exceptional clients and produced incredible images. His secret is no secret at all: simply understand and capture the light that is uniquely present when the sun is below the horizon and other photographers have put their cameras away.
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Автор книги Bob Davis дает бесценные профессиональные советы для достижения наилучших изображений с минимальными осветительным оборудованием.
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В книге известного специалиста по освещению при фотосъемке излагаются особенности работы фортографа с софтбоксами - насадками на источники света, предназначенные для создания мягкого рассеянного освещения без резких бликов. Softboxes—specialized photographic lighting devices that produce a flattering and soft, low-contrast look—are the main focus of this resource for photographers. Professional and amateur photographers alike will be able to apply the thorough explanations on the simple, yet highly effective, light- and shadow-altering methodologies found in this guidebook to any subject matter in portrait, fashion, and editorial images. Additional chapters cover the use of softboxes in partnership with other light sources, including sunlight and various types of studio lighting treatments
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The word photography is a combination of two Greek words like photo and graph. Photo means light and the graph means drawing. It is a rare ability that a person may possess to capture the world. The person should know the use of camera and arrangement of light to click images. The photography is all about drawing images with light. Without lighting, the photography can’t be successful because the light may enhance the features and mood of objects. You can take the benefits of natural sunlight for the outdoor photographs, but the photographs inside the house require artificial light through your own photo studio. There are various tips and tricks to capture photographs.
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Photographic Lighting: Essential Skills offers practical coverage of everything you need to know to understand the characteristics of light and the foundations of photographic lighting, including film, filters, exposure, compensation, zone system and an array of creative techniques. Students and committed amateurs will find sound technical knowledge with inspiring projects. Developing professionals in need of a refresher or a reference need look no further. The authors use terminology that is easy to understand and explain techniques in a clearly written, no nonsense manner. Photographic Lighting: Essential Skills ensures all the fundamentals of lighting are learnt and applied to help improve the use of light in photography and encourage visual expression
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A rigorous practical guide to photographic lighting techniques, complete with hands-on assignments. Offering digital photographers a complete course in photographic lighting, this book covers everything from using flash systems and studio lights to working outdoors in bright or low-light conditions. Full-color examples show how the right lighting can enhance color, improve contrast, and open the door to new creative possibilities. Explore the elements of light and understand white balance, color temperature, and light quality. Choose and use appropriate accessories. Learn to work with natural light, indoors and out, and to create effects with shadows. Discover how light affects motion, landscape views, and closeup shots. Try your hand at night and low-light photography.
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Covering every aspect of creating portraits in available light, acclaimed professional photographer Doug Box provides tips for finding great natural light, practical approaches for optimizing exposure, and techniques for posing subjects for the most flattering effects. For those situations when “perfect” available light can’t be found, readers are shown how to modify ambient light to suit their purposes—or give it a bump in intensity with a little pop of flash. Additional topics touched upon include proper lens selection, calculating exposure, managing ambient light both indoors and out, shooting at night, and more. A discussion of applying the many techniques to nature and wildlife, travel, and sports photography rounds out this all-encompassing guide to working with available light.
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Это руководство представляет читателю идеи о том какую роль играет свет и освещение для создания впечатляющих фотографий обнаженных и полуобнаженных фигур. The nude is a difficult subject to light. This guide gives the reader ideas on how to light nude and semi-nude figures, based upon examples by established photographs. The pictures cover both full nude and semi-nude erotica, working from natural light, through simple light set-ups to complex multi-light arrangements. Diagrams throughout the book provide a starting point for readers to experiment on their own.
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Детальное пособие по эффективному использованию вспышек при портретной съемке, съемке событий или для добавления заполняющего света при съемке объектов. Несмотря на то что автор описывает работу со вспышками и аксессуарами семейства Canon Speedlite, в книге дается много материала об освещении вообще и об особенностях применения света вспышек. Книга богато иллюстрирована и не требует глубокого знания английского языка. Photographer Syl Arena takes you on a journey that begins with an exploration of light and color, moves through a comprehensive discussion of the Canon Speedlite family and all of the accessories and equipment available to the Speedliter, then settles down to crafting great light in one photo shoot after another. Whether you want to create a classical portrait, shoot an event, or simply add a little fill light to a product shot, Speedliter’s Handbook shows you how
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"Painting with Light" is a reprint of cinematographer John Alton's 1949 book that began as a series of articles for "International Photographer" magazine. The book earned Alton appreciation among students of cinematography and the ire of those already working in the field. Students welcomed a how-to book by one of Hollywood's masters. Cinematographers found Alton lessons arrogant and too narrow, as the book advocates Alton's signature, somewhat controversial, style of using few lights. In any case, John Alton is one of the most studied cinematographers in Hollywood history, best known for his low key lighting in film noirs such as "T-Men" and "The Big Combo". And "Painting with Light" provides insight into why and how Alton chose the style he did.
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Sometimes photographers have to shoot in less than ideal lighting situations. Maybe the wedding is mid-day in the middle of a field, or perhaps the event is in a florescent-lit room. These scenarios can be particularly intimidating for beginning photographers who don't know how to handle the many undesirable lighting situations they may encounter. Содержит документы форматов epub mobi
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Перед вами — очередная книга знаменитого фотографа Брайана Петерсона, автора мирового бестселлера «Сила экспозиции». В этом издании доступно рассказывается об искусстве макросъемки и работе с крупными планами в фотографии. Автор не только делится своим опытом и дает полезные практические советы по макросъемке, но и проповедует своеобразную философию съемки крупным планом — философию «приближения» (close-up) к фотографируемому объекту и погружения в удивительный макромир, окружающий нас. Книга проиллюстрирована множеством уникальных авторских работ, которые помогут вам освоить увлекательное искусство съемки крупным планом.
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Книга рассказывает о тех преимуществах, которые дают цифровые технологии для съемки крупного плана. Фотографии, которые раньше могли делать только профессионалы, применяющие специальную технику, сегодня с помощью цифровой камеры, даже любительской, может сделать любой. Цветы, грибы, драгоценные камни, монеты и марки, скрытый мир живой природы, - все это теперь доступно для съемки и получения качественного изображения. Прочитав эту книгу, вы научитесь делать уникальные фотографии, позволяющие по-другому посмотреть на окружающий мир. Подробно описано специальное оборудование для различных уровней увеличения и работа с ними. Даются профессиональные советы по обработке изображений на компьютере. Книга содержит великолепные иллюстрации.
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Макросъемка - один из самых интересных жанров цифровой фотографии. Сюжеты для таких фотографий можно найти на каждом шагу. Но для того чтобы результаты вас порадовали, нужно приложить некоторые усилия. И тут на помощь придет книга, которую вы держите в руках. Она поможет вам разобраться во всех тонкостях макросъемки и превратить ваши снимки в шедевры.

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