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Автор: Next от 5-10-2015, 15:23
This tutorial guides you through the creation of a text editor complete with menus, a toolbar, and a status bar. You will use the Delphi IDE to create the text editor. This tutorial assumes you are familiar with Linux and have read the introduction to Kylix programming and the IDE in the Quick Start. Note: This tutorial is for all editions of Kylix.
Автор: Next от 5-10-2015, 15:19
The Developer’s Guide describes intermediate and advanced development topics, such as building database applications, writing custom components, and creating Internet Web server applications using Kylix, Delphi for the Linux operating system. The Developer’s Guide assumes you are familiar with using Linux and understand fundamental programming techniques. For an introduction to Kylix programming and the integrated development environment (IDE), see the online Help and the Quick Start manual.
Автор: Next от 5-10-2015, 15:15
One of the joys of working at Borland is the opportunity to watch creation in progress. I love taking a little time out from my daily grind to go down to where the Delphi team sits. It’s great fun to visit with Chuck, Danny, Allen, Eddie, and other team members to see what they are cooking up this week. The creation of Kylix was, of course, a very special event. I was privileged to watch its development from the very first days of its planning all the way through completion. It was, at times, a tough road. Nevertheless, it was a wondrous joy to watch the product emerge step by step by step over the months. It was thrilling to get the first successful builds of Kylix. Now at last I could boot up Linux, start a high-powered development environment, and begin creating powerful applications with a few clicks of the mouse. Tasks in Linux that had once seemed formidable soon were easily within reach.