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This book explains the key features of Syman OS and will help you to write effective C++ code. It focuses on aspects of good C++ style that apply particularly to Symbian OS. 21 items are used to target particular aspects of the operating system and provide a simple and straightforward exploration of coding fundamentals. Using example code and descriptions of best practice to deconstruct Symbian OS, the items guide you to what you should and should not do (and why), pointing out commonly-made mistakes along the way. Technologies covered include: · client-server architecture · descriptors and dynamic containers · active objects, threads and processes · leaves, cleanup stack and 2-phase construction · thin templates, good API design, memory optimization, debug and test macros · the ECOM plug-in framework Symbian OS Explained can be read cover-to-cover or dipped into as a reference that will improve your code style when programming with Symbian OS.
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Games on Symbian OS is the only guide to highlight the gaming opportunities presented by the Symbian OS platform, with particular emphasis on the creation of mobile games in C++ using native APIs. Jo Stichbury leads a field of industry experts to provide the reader with detailed information about the key APIs used to create games. The book includes a broad introduction to games on mobile phones and describes the various ways of creating and playing mobile games. It also provides clear code examples and discussion, with information about how to optimise code for best practice. The authors use standard techniques to relay information (tables, diagrams and code samples) as well as cross-referencing between chapters and, where necessary, to other books in the Symbian Press series and beyond (e.g. to SDK documentation).
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A guide to programming Symbian OS smartphones using OPL (The Open Programming Language): a simple to learn, open-source scripting language, ideal for fast-track development of enterprise applications. This book provides a hands-on development environment for both the experienced and aspiring programmer, demonstrating the ease of use of Symbian OS technologies through the utilization of OPL. With rapid development, easy language, and custom applications written by the people who need them, OPL has a shallow learning curve. This allows bespoke corporate tools to be developed in house by Technical Staff who aren’t necessarily trained programmers. Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development For Symbian OS provides a clear guide on both how to program, and understanding the structure of the language through a keyword dictionary. Any bespoke OPL application can grow with a company, eventually providing access to more advanced C++ code through OPX extensions.
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Take a look inside Symbian OS with an under-the-hood view of Symbian's revolutionary new real-time smartphone kernel * Describes the functioning of the new real-time kernel, which will become ubiquitious on Symbian OS phones in the next 5-10 years * Will benefit the base-porting engineer by providing a more solid understanding of the OS being ported * Contains an in-depth explanation of how Symbian OS drivers work. Device drivers have changed considerably with the introduction of a single code - this book helps those converting them to the new kernel * The book has broad appeal and is relevant to all who work with Symbian OS at a low level, whatever Symbian OS they are targeting * Written by the engineers who actually designed and built the real-time kernel
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Multimedia on Symbian OS is the only book available to discuss multimedia on Symbian OS at this level. It covers key areas of multimedia technology, with information about APIs and services provided by Symbian OS. Other key features include details of UI platform-specific APIs from S60 and UIQ. This pioneering book covers each of the key technologies available (such as audio, video, radio, image conversion, tuner and camera) at a high level, to give the reader context, before drilling down to details of how to use each of them. The book includes code samples which are available for download on a website and cover key APIs with detailed description of each. Additional information includes the evolution of multimedia on Symbian OS from previous versions to the current (v9.5) and plans for the future.
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The current Symbian Press list focuses very much on the small scale features of Symbian OS in a programming context. The Architecture Sourcebook is different.It's not a how-to book, it's a 'what and why' book. And because it names names as it unwinds the design decisions which have shaped the OS, it is also a 'who' book. It will show where the OS came from, how it has evolved to be what it is, and provide a simple model for understanding what it is, how it is put together, and how to interface to it and work with it. It will also show why design decision were made, and will bring those decisions to life in the words of Symbian's key architects and developers, giving an insider feel to the book as it weaves the "inside story" around the architectural presentation.The book will describe the OS architecture in terms of the Symbian system model. It will show how the model breaks down the system into parts, what role the parts play in the system, how the parts are architected, what
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Smartphone Operating System Concepts with Symbian OS uses Symbian OS as a vehicle to discuss operating system concepts as they are applied to mobile operating systems.It is this focus that makes this tutorial guide both invaluable and extremely relevant for today's student.In addition to presenting and discussing operating system concepts, this book also includes exercises that compare and contrast Symbian OS, Unix/Linux and Microsoft Windows. These assignments can be worked on in a classroom laboratory or in a student's own time.
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Programming Symbian OS is a key skill for mass market phone application development and this book is a must-have resource for any programmer planning to tool up to take advantage of the exciting opportunities offered by advanced mobile technology. Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones is based on the experience of Symbian engineers and will help you get to grips with all aspects of application development from basics to fully functioning complex applications.
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The book is aimed at Java developers already programming in the wireless space or interested in moving into the wireless space and who wish to know what can be achieved with J2ME on the latest Symbian OS phones. Enough introductory information and examples are provided for newcomers to J2ME to get going with MIDP programming, while the thorough treatment of the new MIDP 2.0 and optional APIs provides more weighty fare for the experienced MIDP programmer.
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An up-to-date insight into Communications programming at Symbian, incorporating changes introduced by the latest version of Symbian OS (Symbian OS V9), which is the basis of the new phones currently reaching the market. It guides developers through the Symbian OS communications architecture and provides essential information on the communications models and programming interfaces used by Symbian OS.
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Many problems encountered by engineers developing code for specialized Symbian subsystems boil down to a lack of understanding of the core Symbian programming concepts. Developing Software for Symbian OS remedies this problem as it provides a comprehensive coverage of all the key concepts. Numerous examples and descriptions are also included, which focus on the concepts the author has seen developers struggle with the most. The book covers development ranging from low-level system programming to end user GUI applications. It also covers the development and packaging tools, as well as providing some detailed reference and examples for key APIs. The new edition includes a completely new chapter on platform security.
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Symbian OS continues to be the top operating system for smartphones across the world, with the number of Symbian OS phones sold now well beyond the 100 million mark. As more and more developers realize the huge opportunities available designing with Symbian OS, one of the first major obstacles they face is the sheer length of time it takes to start producing functional C++ applications for Symbian OS phones. "Quick Recipes on Symbian OS" provides easy-to-use recipes for mastering common development tasks. The book's structured, time-focused approach to becoming familiar with the basics allows readers to get up and running quickly.
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This is the definitive guide for Symbian C++ developers looking to use Symbian SQL in applications or system software. Since Symbian SQL and SQLite are relatively new additions to the Symbian platform, Inside Symbian SQL begins with an introduction to database theory and concepts, including a Structured Query Language (SQL) tutorial. Inside Symbian SQL also provides a detailed overview of the Symbian SQL APIs. From the outset, you will “get your hands dirty” writing Symbian SQL code. The book includes snippets and examples that application developers can immediately put to use to get started quickly.
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Создание мобильных приложений для операционной системы Symbian -сложная и трудоемкая задача. Эта книга познакомит вас с основами программирования для Symbian OS на языке программирования C++, а одна из глав посвящена программированию Java 2 ME приложений. Темы, рассматриваемые в книге весьма разносторонние - это интегрированные среды программирования CodeWarrior for Symbian, C++ BuilderX Mobile Studio, инструментальные средства разработчика SDK от Symbian, Sony Ericsson и Nokia для платформ UIQ, серии 60, серии 80 и серии 90. Большой объем информации освящает вопросы, связанные с программной архитектурой операционной системы, основными идиомами программирования в Symbian OS, структурой и созданием GUI приложения, локализацией, работой с меню, элементами пользовательского интерфейса, графикой, изображениями, созданием инсталляционного пакета. Книга будет интересна широкому кругу читателей, желающим самостоятельно изучить программирование для операционной системы Symbian на языке C++.
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Common Design Patterns for Symbian OS is the first design patterns book that addresses Symbian OS specifically. It introduces programmers to the common design patterns that help implement a large variety of applications and services on Symbian OS. The goal of the book is to provide the experience of Symbian's developers to a wider audience and enable sophisticated programs to be quickly written and to a high standard. In order to do this, it: * Provides patterns based on the Symbian OS architectural elements * Describes how patterns suited for non-mobile software should be adapted or even avoided for Symbian OS * Provides Symbian OS based examples and code illustrations Each chapter covers patterns that address specific key concern experienced by developers: memory performance, time performance, power performance, security and responsiveness.